Adopting a horse can be a highly rewarding experience, and adopting a mustang can be a wonderful way to care for a horse in need of a home. But before you adopt a mustang, you’ll need to make sure that it’s the right choice for you.

Mustangs Need Training
Most mustangs offered up for adoption have little to no training. They may not even be halter broken, and likely have never been on a trailer before. Be sure that you’re prepared for the challenge that putting basic training on a horse can require.

You Have to Meet Adoption Criteria
Bureau of Land Management via FlickrBUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT VIA FLICKR
If you have your heart set on adopting a mustang from the Bureau of Land Management, you’ll have to meet a set of criteria in order to be considered a suitable home. This is true of any rescue adopting out horses. Generally you’ll have to demonstrate that you have the skills, experience, and facilities necessary to care for the horse.

You’ll Need Strong Fences
Peter Megyeri via FlickrPETER MEGYERI VIA FLICKR
If you adopt a mustang which is new to captivity, he will not yet understand boundaries like fences. You will need strong fences which will withstand the horse leaning or pushing against them as he learns that he cannot break free.

A Mustang’s Diet Will Change
Bureau of Land Management via FlickrBUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT VIA FLICKR
Mustangs are not used to eating the grain and treats that we feed to our horses. You will need to gradually introduce grain to the horse, and keep a close eye on him for signs of digestive upset.

A Good Support System Is Important
Jitze Couperus via FlickrJITZE COUPERUS VIA FLICKR
Before you adopt a mustang, it’s important to have a good support system in place. A trainer, vet, and farrier who are all willing to work with a mustang are all essential. You will need this support system to help you keep the horse healthy and transition him into life at your facility.

Mustangs Have Heart
When you work with a mustang and teach him to trust you, you will have a horse who has serious heart. Mustangs are willing to try all day long for their owners, and they are incredible horses.


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