Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that our horses have essentially been wearing the same clunky metal shoes since Roman times? Research has shown that although hooves are rigid, they are capable of a much wider range of movement than traditional iron horseshoes allow. Charly Forstner, a former animal welfare inspector responsible for protecting horses in Austria, created a flexible clip-on alternative that promises comfort and protection.

Forstner describes Megasus Horserunners as “the first DIY running shoes for horses.”

These innovative shoes are “the world’s first shock absorbing hoof protection that allows all natural hoof movements and works on any type of terrain,” according to the Megasus Kickstarter campaign. They are easy to clip on, and just as simple to remove.

Megasus Horserunners may even help prevent painful, potentially fatal injuries to the hooves and legs by absorbing more shock than traditional shoes and allowing the hoof to move naturally.


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