Could your horse’s tail use some improvement? Tails are frustrating to care for because they grow slowly and break easily, but here are six ways that you can help your horse to grow a better tail.

1. Brush Out By Hand
The hairs of your horse’s tail are delicate, so be very careful whenever you need to brush out the tail. It is best to brush out your horse’s tail by hand so that you can work out the knots gently without breaking the hair. If you do use a brush, then start by working from the bottom of the tail and moving upward. Go slowly and take your time to minimize damage.

2. Use a Quality Conditioner
Using a quality hair conditioner on your horse’s tail can make brushing out the tail easier. A quality conditioner will also improve the strength and hydration of your horse’s hair, making his tail look healthier and fuller.

3. Learn to Tie a Mud Knot
If you turn your horse out in a muddy pasture, it’s important to make sure that his tail doesn’t drag in the mud. Mud can strain and break a tail, so learn to tie a mud knot to help hold the end of the tail up out of the mud. Just make sure that you untie the knot regularly when you bring your horse in.


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